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cumulus Demo

See for yourself why top Credit Unions and Banks trust cumulus to deliver fully-integrated, and 100% compliant, omnichannel onboarding solutions to their personal and commercial customers.

About cumulus

As an omnichannel solution, cumulus has gained significant momentum among Canadian FIs seeking an end-to-end, lower cost solution that can be deployed quickly and support both immediate and long-term onboarding goals.

Regarded by many as the most innovative origination platform in the industry, cumulus brings together in-branch and online account opening with the assurance of 100% compliance. Not only is it fully integrated with core banking, it also aligns front and back office operations, streamlines sales and administrative processes and delivers an outstanding, consistent experience across all of its branches and online channels.

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What’s next for our platform?

With mobile and online technology moving at the speed of sound, the onboarding process is bound to be transformed by yet unknown innovation. There will be new APIs and technologies to integrate, the world will become increasingly social and there will be additional regulations to overcome. Evolution of this kind is exciting. And necessary. It challenges us to anticipate, prepare and position ourselves for what’s next for the financial services industry and for our company. For innovators like us, it’s pretty much what we live for.