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cumulus Webinar

Introduction to Onboarding with cumulus

About cumulus

What: Introduction to Omnichannel Onboarding with cumulus
When: Wednesday, February 14th –  10:00am – 10:30am MST / 12:00pm – 12:30pm EST
Join us in our Introduction to Onboarding with cumulus webinar. During this webinar, we will cover the latest advancements to automate and streamline your member onboarding experience. The 30-minute presentation and demo will dive into cumulus as an omnichannel solution to accounting opening Online and in-branch, for both personal and/or commercial clients.
Key features and takeaways you can expect to learn about, are:
  1. An overview of thirdstream’s onboarding solutions
  2. Omnichannel solution to streamline new & existing member account opening
  3. Support for mobility with device-agnostic experience
  4. Completely integrated and 100% compliant (FINTRAC, AML, FATCA and CRS)
  5. Customizable with pre-configured forms, workflows and business rules
  6. Integrated e-signatures for online and in-branch onboarding
  7. Pre-authorized payments, payroll and deposits switching
  8. and much more…
Limited seating. Register today to learn why leading Credit Unions and Banks use cumulus.

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What’s next for our platform?

With mobile and online technology moving at the speed of sound, the onboarding process is bound to be transformed by yet unknown innovation. There will be new APIs and technologies to integrate, the world will become increasingly social and there will be additional regulations to overcome. Evolution of this kind is exciting. And necessary. It challenges us to anticipate, prepare and position ourselves for what’s next for the financial services industry and for our company. For innovators like us, it’s pretty much what we live for.