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Leverage thirdstream’s extensive fraud and identity verification capabilities, providing real-time application, adjudication and issuing of credit cards. 

Credit Card Purchase

delivering solutions

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In the increasingly competitive financial services marketplace, acquiring new credit card accounts is never easy.

thirdstream's solution automates credit card onboarding from initial click to approval and card issuing.


We streamline the acquisition process improving the consumer experience, leading to fewer multiple internal follow-ups, and reducing significant rework.

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what we do

Provide real-time application, adjudication and issuing of credit cards.  By leveraging thirdstream’s extensive fraud and identity verification capabilities, you can be confident that all compliance requirements are being fully met.

core values


Automate due diligence


Transform processes to support staff and meet consumer expectations


Accelerate vetting and approval processes


Designed to scale

what people say about us


We’ve had a lot of stories to tell, from an expanding client base, to connecting with new partners, to bringing new solutions to market. 

“... We launched XpressPay to meet a growing demand for targeted borrowing, and to provide our merchant account holders with new tools and expanded credit offerings helping them attract consumers. Since launching with thirdstream, Windsor Family CU has seen a steady increase in adoption …” 

Eddie Francis


Windsor Family Credit Union

Windsor, Ontario

Building the digital consumer acquisition experience for credit unions, banks and trusts

This white paper outlines specific challenges financial institutions face when launching digital consumer acquisition solutions. We provide an overview of our solutions, answering key questions about the steps required to successfully automate processes, highlighting compliance management, and delivering a rules-driven identity verification platform.

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