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Do you thirdstream?

Superior customer acquisition solutions for credit unions, banks and trusts, online or in-branch. We provide leading identity verification, Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and account opening for retail and commercial accounts.


Our solutions drive account acquisition, financial product innovation, and provide a configurable consumer experience. Our vision enables financial institutions. We help bankers execute. We continually innovate to consumer expectations. We reduce friction in the deposit, lending and credit card account opening experience.


Our solutions are Systems of Engagement, designed to drive results for bankers. We are driving results with Canada's leading banks, trusts and credit unions. 
We bring cloud-based retail and commercial account opening solutions to market, combined with digital consumer and commercial lending.
Deployed on Microsoft Azure, your applications and data are secure and always on. This happens in days and weeks, with a configurable workflow designed to get results.
thirdstream’s ecosystem supports over 50 third-party repositories, and is integrated with every leading enterprise banking platform in Canada. 

We help you execute seamlessly from initial click to real-time funding of any account you can imagine.

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In-branch and online solutions are deployed remotely in weeks and months, rather than months and quarters. Our focus is results:

  • Accounts opened in under 5 minutes

  • Fraudulent account approvals consistently reduced online and in-branch

  • Industry leading remote identity verification continually drives new applications

  • Real-time account funding improves consumer engagement

  • Integration to the leading core processing solutions produces seamless in-branch and online experiences

Servus Credit Union Launches a Digital Account Opening Product with thirdstream

ebankIT and thirdstream are partnering to bring their respective digital banking solutions to a growing financial institution client base. 

“Thirdstream’s solution set provides real-time decisioning and real-time funding for new accounts. Those capabilities extend to loans, along with integration to our enterprise banking system.” 

Max Bentz

Vice President, Member Experience
Kindred Credit Union
Kitchener, Ontario

Building the digital consumer acquisition experience for credit unions, banks and trusts

This white paper outlines specific challenges financial institutions face when launching digital consumer acquisition solutions. We provide an overview of our solutions, answering key questions about the steps required to successfully automate processes, highlighting compliance management, and delivering a rules-driven identity verification platform.

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