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thirdstream’s adjudication service supports consumer and business deposit account opening, consumer digital lending applications, and credit card applications. We leverage existing business rules to validate credit worthiness and assign credit limits. 


delivering solutions

seamless integration 

thirdstream provides a decisioning engine to approve, decline, or give a pending status to loan applications. The service also provides a reporting dashboard to show historical and analytical information of processed applications.


Automated adjudication is also designed to accommodate configurable third-party auto-decisioning engines.  Clients typically leverage this functionality by using a combination of income and beacon scores to determine approval limits. 



what we do

Automated Adjudication is a decisioning engine that processes loan and credit card applications. We do this by using predetermined business rules while exchanging data (bureau files) from credit bureaus, to determine credit worthiness and assign credit limits.


The workflow provides for customizable outcomes to approve or decline loan and credit card applications. As with automated decisioning, financial institutions typically provide thirdstream with their auto decisioning criteria, which are subsequently implemented upon deployment.


The solution also provides reporting and dashboarding to show historical and analytical information of processed applications.

core values


Open API standards


Exemplary remote identity verification results


Consistently higher account opening 


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what people say about us

thirdstream, EnStream team up for mobile identity services

Digital identity and authentication joint venture EnStream and thirdstream, a fintech onboarding solutions provider, have partnered to advance thirdstream\s digital platform capabilities.

“By moving forward with thirdstream, we are able to enhance automation and adopt innovative solutions to serve existing members and prospects.”

Lisa Castle

Manager of Retail Administrative Services, Synergy Credit Union

Building the digital consumer acquisition experience for credit unions, banks and trusts

This white paper outlines specific challenges financial institutions face when launching digital consumer acquisition solutions. We provide an overview of our solutions, answering key questions about the steps required to successfully automate processes, highlighting compliance management, and delivering a rules-driven identity verification platform.

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