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deliver the digital
lending experience

Digital innovation that enables real-time funding of consumer loans, online and on location. 


delivering solutions

the right solutions

thirdstream presents the lending process from application to closing. 


We eliminate stress for borrowers and lending teams by delivering digital innovation that enables real-time funding of consumer loans, online and on-location.

Customer expectations around borrowing and a growing wave of disruptive lenders are pressuring traditional retail banks and credit unions to look at online lending in a new way. Borrowers want to apply any time and anywhere, expecting instant approval and immediate access to funds. 

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what people say about us


We’ve had a lot of stories to tell, from an expanding client base, to connecting with new partners, to bringing new solutions to market. 

“... Allowing key partners to interact through Forge’s API layer empowers our clients to become stronger and more innovative while further catering to Canadians in a more effective way. This inevitably showcases the power of a community of interest, that ultimately benefits everyone by enabling an ever-evolving set of relevant and innovative digital user experiences for them to consume ...”

Mark Blucher

President & CEO
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Vancouver, British Columbia

Building the digital consumer acquisition experience for credit unions, banks and trusts

This white paper outlines specific challenges financial institutions face when launching digital consumer acquisition solutions. We provide an overview of our solutions, answering key questions about the steps required to successfully automate processes, highlighting compliance management, and delivering a rules-driven identity verification platform.

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