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Incorporate leading strategies, processes and technology to engage the world of online enrollment.


verification solutions

Liveness checking validated against government-issued identification documents

Strong IDV by thirdstream delivers enhanced identity verification anywhere, anytime, from any device. Employing Gemalto’s ID verification services, clients have access to the most comprehensive identity verification solutions, joining an ecosystem of integrated third-party services that support every online and in-person ID verification experience anticipated today.

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seamless digital experience

Strong IDV by thirdstream delivers on single-source government ID compliance. thirdstream presents a seamless digital experience, from initial click to remote identity verification that includes selfie matching with photo identification, combined with liveness checking.

core values


Provide mobile-ready solutions


Continually reduce ID fraud


Streamline consumer acquisition


API based


In the News

We’ve had a lot of stories to tell, from an expanding client base, to connecting with new partners, to bringing new solutions to market. 

“... Partners like thirdstream bring proven solutions, rich functionality and dependable deployment. They’re hard workers, know their domain and brought Concentra Bank the expertise we needed to roll out real-time digital account opening … thirdstream’s experience deploying nationwide to credit unions, banks and trust companies was an important factor in our selection of them as a partner ...”  

Brian Guillemin

Chief Digital Officer

Concentra Bank

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Building the digital consumer acquisition experience for credit unions, banks and trusts

This white paper outlines specific challenges financial institutions face when launching digital consumer acquisition solutions. We provide an overview of our solutions, answering key questions about the steps required to successfully automate processes, highlighting compliance management, and delivering a rules-driven identity verification platform.

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