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thirdstream adds ThreatMetrix technology to its platform


thirdstream, Canada’s leading onboarding software provider has aligned technologies with ThreatMetrix, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Company. By leveraging ThreatMetrix’s deep insight into 1.4 billion anonymized digital identities, thirdstream will add yet another layer of fraud detection and prevention to its onboarding platform, cumulus.

ThreatMetrix was named Top Enterprise Technology Company at the 2018 LendIt Fintech Industry Awards. It also has been recognized for two years running as the Top Fraud Prevention Platform by FinTech Breakthrough Awards for its real-time, multi-layered fraud prevention technology that analyzes over 110 million daily transactions.

Jeff Coomber, Product Manager for thirdstream, sees this recent alignment with ThreatMetrix as a significant win for thirdstream clients. “ThreatMetrix is a huge player in the onboarding industry. Integrating its market-leading technology into cumulus will transform risk decision making for our clients.”

ThreatMetrix uses advanced linking technology that expresses the complex and ever-changing attributes that make up an individual’s digital identity as a unique digital identifier. Leveraging tokenized data from 110 million daily online transactions, ThreatMetrix can resolve, match and manage intersecting data points pertaining to individual consumer identities.

By integrating with ThreatMetrix, FIs using thirdstream’s platform to onboard customers will be empowered to:

  1. protect against existing and emerging fraud, risk and financial crime

  2. bridge the gap between digital and physical identity

  3. obtain 360-degree insight without compromising privacy

  4. access data to assess risk associated with transactions throughout the customer lifecycle

“Not only will it will it give our clients instantaneous information on a customer’s identity when opening a new account or applying for a lending product in-person or online,” adds Coomber, “it will integrate seamlessly with our platform to instantly adapt to changing fraud tactics or consumer behaviour.”

About ThreatMetrix ThreatMetrix®, The Digital Identity Company®, empowers the global economy to grow profitably and securely without compromise. With deep insight into 1.4 billion anonymized user identities, ThreatMetrix IDTM delivers the intelligence behind 75 million daily authentication and trust decisions, to differentiate legitimate customers from fraudsters in real time. ThreatMetrix is recognized as the sole Leader in the 2017 Forrester WaveTM for risk-based authentication. Learn more at

About cumulus by thirdstream cumulus has gained significant momentum among Canadian FIs seeking an end-to-end, lower cost solution that can be deployed quickly and support both immediate and long-term onboarding goals. Regarded by many as the most innovative origination platform in the industry, cumulus brings together in-branch and online account opening with the assurance of 100% compliance. Not only is it fully integrated with core banking, it also aligns front and back office operations, streamlines sales and administrative processes and delivers an outstanding, consistent experience across all of its branches and online channels.

About thirdstream thirdstream, headquartered in Lethbridge, Alberta, is Canada’s leading provider of in-branch and online consumer and business onboarding solutions. Serving clients in every regulatory jurisdiction from Quebec to British Columbia, thirdstream’s onboarding experience solutions serve 29 FIs across Canada, representing more than $325 billion in assets. thirdstream is continually evolving its product line, allowing clients to pay a modest monthly fee for an onboarding solution that offers continual and seamlessly delivered improvements. To learn more, visit

For additional details, please contact:

Platform information: Keith Ginter, thirdstream sales information, George Hofsink, Media information: Jeff Coomber, ThreatMetrix information: Lizzie Clitheroe,

Twitter: @thethirdstream Facebook: /thethirdstream LinkedIn: /company/thirdstream


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