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thirdstream Webinar: Transform your mortgage operations: Unveil the future of mortgage origination

Our webinar explored pivotal insights that are reshaping the landscape of mortgage services. Here's a recap of what thirdstream and Lendesk are delivering:

Strategic Partnership Unveiled:

Thirdstream is partnering with Lendesk to put the Finmo Mortgage Origination System at the forefront, bringing together thirdstream's onboarding platform capabilities with Lendesk's mortgage origination solutioning.

Digital Transformation in Mortgage Services:

Thirdstream Mortgages, powered by Finmo, takes center stage in revolutionizing the digital mortgage experience, promising efficiency and convenience.

Expert Voices:

  • Gain valuable perspectives from Greg Williamson, Chief Revenue Officer at Lendesk, as he shares success stories from financial giants like RBC, CIBC, Simplii Financial, MCAP, and a vast network of mortgage brokers across Canada.


Keith Ginter

CEO thirdstream

thirdstream is headquartered in Lethbridge, Alberta, providing digital account opening solutions, online and in-branch, to Canadian banks, credit unions and trust companies. From identity verification to account funding, thirdstream’s solutions support consumer and business account opening, credit card onboarding, and unsecured retail lending, including adjudication. The thirdstream platform is cloud-deployed, designed for retail and business consumers seeking out financial institutions, and for financial institutions targeting consumers anywhere, any time, from any device. Learn more at

Greg Williamson

Chief Revenue Officer Lendesk

Lendesk, a Canadian technology company and a part of Rocket Companies (NYSE:RKT), is modernizing the mortgage industry for mortgage professionals and lenders. Lendesk operates Finmo, Lender Spotlight, Gateway and Enterprise solutions, with more than 10,000 mortgage brokers using its products. Secure integrations with other industry providers make for an enhanced user experience, while robust bank-grade security measures provide peace of mind. Lendesk was founded in 2014 by former Mortgage Broker Alex Conconi of Conconi Growth Partners. With employees across Canada, the Lendesk team is composed of world-class software developers, app designers and online security experts. Lendesk is SOC 2 audited annually by KPMG.


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