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Transform Consumer Acquisition with thirdstream's Retail Deposit Solutions

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial services, the pursuit of innovative and streamlined consumer experiences has never been more critical. One company at the forefront of this digital transformation is thirdstream, offering cutting-edge solutions to financial institutions seeking to build their memberships and generate new revenue seamlessly, both online and in-branch.

Anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Simplified and Cost-Effective Retail Deposits

thirdstream's retail deposit platform redefines the process of opening personal deposit accounts. Whether online or in-branch, the system is designed for simplicity and cost-effectiveness. The platform boasts a compliance engine that ensures continuous adherence to government regulatory requirements, providing peace of mind for financial institutions and consumers alike.

Supporting a diverse range of demand accounts, from chequing and savings to term deposits and registered accounts, thirdstream's retail deposit solution is versatile and comprehensive.

Captivating Consumers with Paperless Efficiency

To captivate modern consumers, thirdstream employs fully compliant paperless processes. In-branch experiences are optimized for efficiency, while the online environment benefits from real-time decision-making and account funding. The platform even offers options for switching accounts and automating bill payments, enhancing the overall consumer experience.

Core Values Driving Innovation

thirdstream operates under a set of core values that underscore its commitment to innovation, transparency, accessibility, and support. These values are not mere words but principles guiding the company's mission to streamline digital experiences, deploy solutions rapidly, integrate seamlessly with existing enterprise systems, and continually meet evolving needs through new API connections and technologies.

"The feature set thirdstream brings to the origination space is compelling to us at First West. More than ever, financial institutions recognize the need for rapid deployment of solutions that integrate readily into an existing ecosystem. We look forward to these converging innovation streams and the thought leadership in working with thirdstream and Central 1 to continually add value for First West’s members and the credit union system generally." — Jose Carreres, Vice President, Digital Experience, First West Credit Union, Langley, British Columbia

Building the Future of Digital Consumer Acquisition

For credit unions, banks, and trusts, thirdstream is not just a solution provider; it is a partner in building the future of digital consumer acquisition. The white paper provided by thirdstream outlines the specific challenges financial institutions face in launching digital consumer acquisition solutions. It offers insights into the steps required to successfully automate processes, manage compliance effectively, and implement a rules-driven identity verification platform.

In an era where consumer expectations are high, and innovation is the key to success, thirdstream stands as a beacon for financial institutions ready to transform their consumer acquisition experiences. The journey toward a more efficient, compliant, and consumer-centric future starts with thirdstream's retail deposit solutions.


Request the thirdstream White Paper to delve deeper into the future of consumer acquisition in the digital age.



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