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Elevate Your Financial Institution with thirdstream

Empower your financial institution with cutting-edge solutions from thirdstream. Our platform delivers leading identity verification and account opening services for individuals and businesses, revolutionizing the way financial institutions engage with their customers.

Seamless Account Opening, Anytime, Anywhere

Unlock frictionless account opening experiences for your customers, whether they're online or in-branch. With thirdstream, your institution can provide superior customer acquisition solutions for credit unions, banks, and trusts, all while meeting regulatory compliance requirements and consumer expectations.

Drive Growth with Comprehensive Solutions

From deposit account opening to digital lending and credit card onboarding, thirdstream offers a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of financial institutions. Our platform integrates seamlessly with leading CRM solutions, provides real-time application adjudication, and offers cross-sell capabilities to help your institution grow with confidence.

Maximize Efficiency and Results

With thirdstream, efficiency is key. Our API-driven ecosystem supports over 50 third-party repositories and integrates with every leading enterprise banking platform in Canada. From reducing account opening time to under 5 minutes to driving industry-leading remote identity verification, thirdstream helps financial institutions achieve tangible results and drive customer satisfaction.

Empower Your Lending Process

Streamline your lending process with thirdstream's digital innovation. From application to closing, our platform eliminates stress for borrowers and lending teams alike, enabling real-time funding of consumer loans online and in person. Say goodbye to traditional lending constraints and hello to a new era of efficiency and convenience.

Ready to take your financial institution to new heights? Partner with thirdstream and unlock the full potential of your institution today.


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