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Five cool insights – social engagement

1. What are the top things I can do to increase engagement?

  1. Build an audience and continually seek new ways to grow that audience (i.e. Likes campaigns, contests, incentives, ads).

  2. Pay for placement (ads).

  3. Use planning tools to develop strategy and schedule activities.

  4. Always strive to create content that is likeable and shareable.

  5. Use high-quality images.

  6. Provide your followers with value.

  7. Look for ways to engage your internal team.

2. What happens when a Facebook post is boosted?

When you boost a post, your post defies Facebook’s built in algorithms which dictate that your post is only shown to approximately 16% of those who like your page. The boost will help your ad to be shown to more of your followers or even people who don’t follow you. So you are essentially paying to share your message with a wider audience.

It’s a smart idea to boost any post that has already had good engagement organically. This is an indicator that your content has strong traction.

3. How does paying get more people to engage? A Facebook-boosted post can be targeted to several different groups. You could choose to boost the post to:

  1. people who already follow the page

  2. people who follow the page and their friends

  3. specific geographic areas, genders, age groups or interest groups

By promoting your post to people outside of your current circle of followers, you have the opportunity to earn new page likes, post likes, comments and brand awareness.

4. Can I do similar promotions of my content on Twitter? It is possible to promote an account, promote a single tweet or promote a trend (#hashtag) as a Twitter ad. Similar to other platforms, you:

  1. are bidding for placement

  2. can control spending by setting a budget

  3. can use analytics to measure and make adjustments

They offer many targeting options including the ability to target followers of specific accounts.

5. What are some tools you recommend for planning? Creative planning sessions and an editorial calendar are the most basic and essential tools you should consider implementing. These two things will ensure that you always have content in your pocket and that you can deliver it in a timely and consistent manner. Other tools that can be helpful when thinking about the big picture for social media at your organization are a social flight plan (annual) and a social media scorecard.


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