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Concentra Bank Launches Online Account Opening from thirdstream

thirdstream’s cloud-based digital account opening helps Concentra extend service nationwide. Over forty financial institutions are thirdstream clients today.

LETHBRIDGE, AB, CANADA, April 16, 2020 / — Concentra Bank has launched digital account opening by thirdstream as part of its strategy of diversifying its business model to build for the future. The deployment is backed by thirdstream’s identity verification platform, designed to help financial institutions bring new accounts on board in less than five minutes.

Concentra’s partnerships build on their expertise as a funder of alternative consumer assets, strengthen their consumer lending portfolio and enhance investment options for credit unions.

“Partners like thirdstream bring proven solutions, rich functionality and dependable deployment. They’re hard workers, know their domain and brought Concentra Bank the expertise we needed to roll out real-time digital account opening,” said Brian Guillemin, Chief Digital Officer. “Thirdstream’s experience deploying nationwide to credit unions, banks and trust companies was an important factor in our selection of them as a partner.”

Concentra appreciates that thirdstream’s solution set offers configurable workflows for application processing, approval, and account funding executed in real-time. Thirdstream’s multi-factor identity verification services combine with a contemporary consumer experience layer that provides a compelling customer experience ecosystem needed to compete in today’s environment.

thirdstream’s solutions are deployed with both federally and provincially regulated financial institutions. “Our platform serves as the first experience a prospective account holder will have with Concentra Bank,” says thirdstream CEO Keith Ginter. “I’m proud of the work we have done with Concentra. As Canada’s financial institutions extend their product shelf, it is important they find compelling ways to meet consumer needs, and do so reliably. We provide the tools where our clients can be open 24×7, anywhere, from any device.”

thirdstream provides retail and commercial account opening solutions to an install-base nearing 40 Canadian financial institutions, both in-branch and online, integrated with Canada’s leading core account processing platforms.


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