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thirdstream partners with Technicost LOS to streamline online lending

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve joined forces with Technicost, a Canadian pioneer of credit software and loan origination solutions to streamline the online lending space. This ground-breaking solution represents a major evolution in online lending for consumers as well as FIs looking to grow and stay competitive through the power of innovation.

By combining the power of our companies’ industry-leading innovations, we will make it possible for consumers to apply for a loan online from any device and have their application approved and funded into their new or existing accounts within minutes.

Not only does this meet the increasingly high expectations of Canadian consumers, it is also a win for credit unions and other FIs. In the few minutes that the consumer waits for his loan to be processed, the solution is completing significant back-office tasks, including authentication, adjudication, origination and funding of the account. All of this happens in real-time and direct to core banking. It is the first solution of its kind for Canadian FIs.

Keith Ginter, CEO of thirdstream says, “Our companies are extremely proud of this partnership. It is the first time in the Canadian CU market space that this real-time funding option is available to FIs and their customers. By bringing established and essential technologies together we provide a very efficient win for our mutual clients.”

Technicost CEO Dominic Paquette agrees: “We are very pleased to provide this additional functionality to our existing LOS clients. This alliance will provide the credit union with total control and versatility without adding to their IT burden. We will continue to provide the best functionality while maximizing the credit union’s return on investment.” 

This consumer-facing solution is currently in Proof of Concept stage with a leading Canadian credit union and will be made available to other CUs in early fall 2017. 

Ginter says, “Consumer lending is just the tip of the iceberg for the comprehensive solution we are building with Technicost. The near future holds commercial loans, retail and commercial mortgages, lines of credit, loan insurance and credit cards to name a few. The companies we choose to partner with are agile, forward thinking and willing. This means bottomline results for our FI clients.”

About Technicost Since 1982, Technicost has been providing Canadian Credit Unions with successful LOS solutions.  They are well established in the industry, with a young, creative team of computer and financial specialists that keep their brand and vision progressive; always a cut above the rest. Technicost’s expert executives deliver dynamic, unmatched credit software solutions to more than 45 Credit Unions and more than 300 Caisses and Business Center all over Canada. To learn more, visit


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