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Vision Credit Union Unveils More Digital Efficiencies With thirdstream


October 1, 2019 — thirdstream, Inc., a fintech providing identity verification and digital account opening solutions to over 35 Canadian financial institutions, today announced Vision Credit Union’s further streamlining of their in-branch account opening processes. Vision is Alberta’s third-largest credit union, with a long history of collaborating with thirdstream. The recent enhancement leverages OneSpan’s eSignLive e-signature capabilities, fully integrated with OpenText eDocs, presenting a complete enterprise content management solution. With this additional functionality, Vision staff members can open accounts for both new and existing members in minutes, while eliminating the need for printing, signing and physically storing documents.

“We are focused on continually improving the member experience,” said Pauline Marcinkowski, Vision’s Vice President, Banking Operations. “The Vision team looked for a company to help us meet our goals and found thirdstream to be the solution-oriented provider we needed. thirdstream has been the fintech partner staying ahead of emerging trends, anticipating expectations of staff and members, and providing reliable implementation of products as we build our digital strategy.”

The recently deployed signature capture capabilities were one of many projects with the credit union. thirdstream’s ability to automate the injecting volumes of member and account data helped Vision Credit Union seamlessly onboard thousands of accounts, person and organization records during a recent branch acquisition.  Using the API connectivity thirdstream has with Vision’s core banking platform, Fiserv DNA, thirdstream enabled automated data migration, saving hundreds of hours of manual activity, greatly mitigating the risk of data error.

“Financial institutions expect their fintech relationships to be dependable and durable,” said thirdstream CEO Keith Ginter. “Having deployed our in-branch account opening solution, we look forward to executing our online account opening, as well as our commercial account opening solutions to accommodate business members.”

Integration with Vision’s loans origination solution (LOS) provider, Technicost, is nearing completion, deploying in 2019. This will enable frictionless account opening when consumers apply for loans. In parallel Vision is preparing to roll out thirdstream’s online account opening, leveraging thirdstream’s Identity Verification Platform which brings together over twenty third-parties into one ecosystem.

“We are focused on helping financial institutions execute consumer experience plans that help their members and at the same time, generate employee satisfaction through automation.” Said Ginter.

“Our branch network covers considerable distance through central and north-central Alberta,” added Pauline Marcinkowski. “This makes using reliable technologies that keep us ahead of our members’ expectations key. Knowing we have such an innovative and supportive partner in thirdstream has never been more important than it is today.”

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