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WFCU Credit Union Introduces XpressLoanTM – Quick, Easy, Hassle-Free Online Personal Loans


Thursday, March 21, 2019 – Today, WFCU Credit Union introduced XpressLoanTM, an online lending solution that provides a quick, easy way for consumers to apply for a personal loan up to $10,000. XpressLoan’s hassle-free online application can be completed using a desktop, tablet or smartphone, giving consumers the ability to apply for personal loans anytime, anywhere and have funds deposited directly into their account within minutes.

“Our goal is to continuously improve our service offerings,” stated Eddie Francis, President and CEO, WFCU Credit Union. “XpressLoan is an addition to our traditional borrowing products which are offered in-branch and provides an easily accessible, online option for those who have a preference for online conveniences and are wanting to get a loan.”

Perfect for funding all types of needs, XpressLoan’s are adjudicated and funded solely through WFCU Credit Union, allowing consumers to be approved and have funds deposited into their account within minutes; unlike most other online loans which typically take much longer to complete.

In addition, with rates better than most credit cards and funds allocated instantly to consumer’s accounts, XpressLoan provides a cheaper, quicker, alternative financing solution to that of traditional credit cards.

“XpressLoan is perfect for anyone looking to fund a special occasion, future investments or pay off high-interest debt,” says Marty Gillis, Chair, WFCU Credit Union Board of Directors, explaining that with XpressLoan consumers can apply for a loan online and be funded instantly in real time.

To assist WFCU in building this robust, industry leading platform, WFCU worked with thirdstream, a provider of online lending solutions.

Keith Ginter, thirdstream’s President & CEO, explains the solution was designed for WFCU to complement their existing product offerings. “XpressLoan gives consumers a convenient way to apply for and access funds instantly, from anywhere, any device at any time.”

XpressLoan is provided by Omnia Direct, a division of WFCU Credit Union.

To learn more about XpressLoan visit



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