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thirdstream + Fiserv

What do you get when you put core banking and online member onboarding together? A powerful partnership that will transform the virtual branch as a concept into an absolute reality.

We’re very happy to announce that we have established this kind of partnership with Fiserv.

about Fiserv Fiserv is a leading global provider of information management and electronic commerce systems for the financial services industry, driving innovations that transform experiences for more than 14,500 clients worldwide. In Canada, Fiserv dominates the core banking industry, serving the banking floor needs of 40 percent of the Canadian credit union community, along with other banks and trust companies.

in perfect alignment Our partnership with Fiserv is a perfect alignment. It fuses the power of DNA™ core banking with the far-reaching potential of cumulus™, our online member onboarding solution. cumulus™ already makes it possible for people to:

  1. join a credit union

  2. open an account

  3. request a loan or mortgage

  4. purchase loan protection insurance

Integrating this with Fiserv DNA™ increases the power of both solutions exponentially.

Keith Ginter, CTO of thirdstream sees this partnership between Fiserv and thirdstream as a natural fit.

‘With the DNA™ core in place as a proven system, along with the extensibility of the platform, it allows for our tried and true methodology to seamlessly integrate as a complete end-to-end solution.  Furthermore, as we develop new ways to add value to the user experience, Fiserv is there to support us in achieving our goals, and ultimately the goals of our credit union partners and their members.’

George Hofsink, Vice President and Managing Director of Fiserv Canada takes this vision one step further, saying,

‘This partnership between Fiserv and thirdstream is the foundation for a virtual institution that is, really, the institution of the future.’

delivering on the promise of the virtual branch The time has come for a full-service virtual banking experience that not only makes online transactions simple for the user, but also supports a credit union’s internal business processes and satisfies compliance requirements.

Companies like thirdstream and Fiserv have been working hard to find the solutions that can provide this to credit unions and their members for years.

Hofsink says:

‘The promise of the virtual branch that’s been in the market for a decade has consistently fallen short. This has been due in part to supporting vendors not understanding the needs of the FI and consumers not being ready for it, and the technology not being consistent.’

Hofsink believes that this is where the power of the Fiserv + thirdstream partnership comes in:

‘Our two companies working together is what is needed to finally deliver on the promise of a virtual branch. Together, we can combine the technology, member experience and transaction processing engine.Together, we are creating a digital ecosystem for credit unions that works and will generate results.’

taking member onboarding to a whole new level Christian Clapton, thirdstream’s CEO believes:

Integrating our cumulus™ with DNA™ will take online member origination to a whole new level. Our integrated best-of-breed solution will be so finely-tuned to members’ needs that it will do more than satisfy their desire for a virtual branch. We believe it will lead to the kind of experience that will empower members financially and deepen their relationship with their credit union.’

Hofsink couldn’t agree more.

‘Going forward, we believe that Fiserv and thirdstream can do far more together than either of us could do on our own.’


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