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Libro offers frictionless online account opening via cumulus

Current and potential Libro Owners can now open an account from any device online via a simple process that takes less than five minutes. They just answer a few questions and cumulus does the rest. Within minutes, required data is captured, identity is authenticated and the account is funded and opened. All of this happens online, in ‘real time’ from any device, with full compliance to all regulatory requirements and in a manner that flows seamlessly with Libro’s brand.

Recognizing that Canadians have increasingly high expectations of how their FIs provide services online, Libro wanted to offer an easy, polished digital onboarding process that would exceed those expectations and at the same time satisfy the credit union’s internal business goals and requirements. After a thorough search of the platforms available to them, Libro chose our solution on the basis of our company’s extensive expertise in developing fully compliant, best-in-class user-experience onboarding for FIs across Canada.

thirdstream CEO Keith Ginter says that ‘Libro choosing our platform is a tremendous vote of confidence for the work that we do in the onboarding industry. Our team worked tirelessly to a ensure smooth and efficient rollout, helping Libro to deploy cumulus quickly and with minimal impact on their organization.”

Jeff Coomber, thirdstream VP Operations agrees, adding that offering the best possible user experience is something that puts our solution in a league of its own. “Consumers want their banking relationships to offer the same ease and convenience that they experience when purchasing other goods and services online. We’ve designed cumulus to make that possible for FIs. In choosing cumulus, Libro Credit Union has made opening an account online incredibly simple for the user while at the same time meeting all current regulatory guidelines, including FINTRAC, AML and KYC.”

Welcome to thirdstream, Libro. Our team is honoured to be working with you.


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